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The newly constructed city of Stone Giants founded by the undead King Yekell Walker in CY 5302. This city was founded by King Walker who led the survivors of the village of Frostburn, after the majority of their warriors, including the former Chief Gron Blackice, were killed in the Battle of Dalberquin. The remaining Stone Giants brought with them their skills in tanning and crafting hides for armor, as well as techniques for the creation of special Remorhaz Plate which burns upon contact with enemies.

The Primary Language is Giant, with Common as a second trade language. The Primary population is formed of Stone Giants, with a small amount of other races having moved in since its founding.

Stonehome is currently allied with Whitefang Keep, Coran Dur, and Come as the three most prolific nations within its area, however the Great City of Prosperity has declared them a "nation of monsters and heathens allied with the rest of the heathen dogs" and does not allow contact between the two nations, as well as reacting with hostility upon face to face interactions.

Current Standing

King Walker was struck down after heroically drawing fire from the robotic areal units and saving numerous soldiers. His death was a great loss to the people of Stonehome, however his wife Yrga Walker has assumed leadership of the nation and taken a strong-handed approach to both diplomacy and building up national resources.

Regional Specialties

The city-state of Stonehome specializes in a few areas. Their first source of income upon formation was providing trained giant security details for merchant shipments in cooperation with the city of Whitefang Keep. This business relationship came about due to King Walker's association with Lady Hissara, master of Whitefang Keep, who met his group, then The Knights of the Frozen Fang, during one of their adventures.

Their other exports include special giant-made armors such as large scale leatherworking, as well as being the only source of Remorhaz plate.

The smiths of Stonehome do not have the skill of their dwarven or elven contemporaries, however they are proficient in the use of remorhaz scales in order to craft small arms and simple weaponry while traveling.

Besides crafting, the people of Stonehome are proficient chefs, able to cook edible meals capable of sustaining the body in harsh climates using very little ingredients.

Military Strengths

Despite its small size and loss of the majority of its warriors, Stonehome boasts a fierce military, both from the inherent strength of its warriors, and also from their ability to utilize what resources they do have.

The giants of Stonehome are the only people south of the great north to master the art of Mammoth Riding. Through years of cohabitation in the North with the various large monsters there, they have learned to tame massive mounts such as mammoths, frost wolves, and even remorhaz as mounts, and raise them to their full potential, with this skill possibly being applicable to other mounts as well. This gives them a significant presence on the field of battle with their powerful cavalry units. The fact that they brought a number of baby mammoths, winter wolf cubs, and remorhaz eggs with them to their new location has ensured that the people of Stonehome are able to pass on their traditions and abilities.

Stonehome also has a strong tradition of Shamanism, with its former Chief having been a shaman who formed a pact with one of the Great Spirits of the North. A few stone giants survived who had studied under him, with Targ Redfur, the former chief's greatest student, being the lead teacher of shamans within the community, as well as the spiritual leader of the City-State

Points of Interest

Duse Gélu- (Ice Birth)This large rock retains its artcic temperature despite having been moved to its new location, and serves as the center of Stonehome spirituality. It is covered in carvngs which detail the names of the greatest heroes and shamans of the tribe, as well as the names of the Spirits who the tribe worships. This does not cause conflict with worship of the Giant Deities, as the giants owe their creation to the Giant Deities, but their survival to the Spirits. The stone is believed by the tribe to be the stone from which the first of their people emerged out of the ground thousands of years ago